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Junior Pre-Kindergarten Ages: 3-4 years

Our Junior Pre-K students are beginning their journey into more structured academic activities balanced with hands-on learning that promote discovery and exploration.

Children will be introduced to a series of subjects and concepts that include early language and literacy, writing skills, mathematics, science, and social studies. Students will read thematic books, engage in discussion, create their own short stories, sort, sequence and match, as well as conduct science experiments. Students will also have the opportunity to play instruments, sing, and dance!

In our Junior Pre-K program, we will also focus on teaching students critical social skills such as how to share toys, clean up after oneself, and proper manners.

In this program, students will be introduced to homework for the first time. Children will be given a brief packet of homework to take home each week to complete and return. This will give parents a chance to work with their children at home and reinforce skills learned in the classroom.

LIC No: 304370730