We are pleased to share the news of our successful reopening in May.
Our facility is fully re-designed and prepared to meet all Federal, State and County standards and
guidelines for health and safety of our students and staff.
Our students are adapting well to social distancing, wearing masks, respecting personal space,
personal hygiene and using the new school entrance !
We take time to explain why we must follow these procedures and our students have been extremely receptive. Their response and attitude to these changes have been positive.
They are enjoying their friends, teacher and familiar routines.
It’s great to be back again !
We like to thank our Families for their cooperation and attention by adhering to all our guidelines and recommendations every step of the way. They have made it easier for us to do our job. We appreciate the teamwork and look forward to their continued support as we safely
navigate through this process.
As California begins to reopen, we like to assure parents that we will continue our cautious path methodically and responsibly.
We will stay on the side of safety for our children, families and staff.


  • Daily sanitizing and disinfecting procedures throughout the facility, EVERY HOUR + professional daily cleaning services in the evenings
  • Enhanced Hospital grade Sanitizing services using child safe products
  • Daily sanitizing of furniture, materials and toys
  • Temperature and well check-up of the Students and Staff every morning and throughout the day
  • Mandatory protective wear for Staff
  • Visitor-free facility to prevent the spread of germs
  • Regular hand washing, Social distancing, small group activities, masks and smaller class ratios
  • Carefully planned daily schedules to meet all Federal, State and County guidelines
  • Daily academic programs, extra curricular activities and Homework.
  • Daily updates to parents via remind