preschool aliso viejo

Parents in the 21st century are busy with a variety of activities including work, playdates, extracurricular activities, and family time. Some parents feel guilty that they are unable to provide complete one-on-one time with their children. However, these parents need not feel guilty because they are doing the best they can. There are many daycares in Laguna Niguel that will be able to offer the playtime and attention your toddler needs to grow.

Through numerous studies, it has been concluded that toddler learn best by play. Though to an adult, toddler play just looks like play, this activity is actually helping toddlers develop specific skills as they engage in play with other children and toys. They are developing important physical skills to help them gain muscle control, balance, and hand-eye coordination. These skills are building blocks for other complicated skills that are necessary for toddlers to learn.

These daycares in Laguna Niguel offer a preschool-type learning atmosphere for toddlers where they will be able to master these skills. When learning these skills, it should be seen as fun and games to them and not something that is boring and menial. During this time, your toddler will be given many opportunities and a variety of ways to learn and enhance these skills as they grow. They will be closely monitored and supervised to ensure they are engaging in safe play. Opportunities for them to explore, ask questions, use their imagination, and work on their fine motor skills will be given on a daily basis. Your child will engage in a specific amount of play on his or her own and with an adult. A child between the ages of 12 months and 3 years will receive around an hour of play on his or her own and around 30 minutes of structured playtime with adults. The only times these toddlers will have more than an hour of inactivity will be when they are sleeping. It is important for the growth and development of toddlers to have as much playtime as possible.