Montessori Aliso Viejo

If more people were familiar with the Montessori Method, our public schools would be turned on their heads and American education would cease to be a global joke. What is it that makes Montessori so amazing? It is designed to teach children in the way children learn best.

The Truth about Montessori

The truth about Montessori schools is that students start reading, adding, and subtracting at the tender age of three. Public schools don’t see that kind of progress until children are around 6 or 7. By keeping classes small, allowing children to experience concepts through hands-on work and careful direction, Montessori schools allow young children to reach their full potential.

The truth about Montessori schools is that they respect their students as sentient human beings. Traditional education has led us to believe that children are too simple minded to understand complex concepts: nothing could be further from the truth. Children are sponges, they are curious, and they are hardworking. These traits enable them to tear down complex concepts layer by layer in a way that many adults can’t fathom.

Perhaps the most important truth about Montessori schools is that they allow children to be children and revel in the amazing potential of each individual child.