Do you remember how excited you were to start kindergarten? Finally! You got to have your own backpack, crayons, and even a lunch box! And you got to see your friends five days a week! Back then, the class sizes were probably a lot smaller too and the teacher was able to spend a little more one-on-one time with each student. These days however, most public kindergarten classes are overcrowded which means your child may not get the personal attention he or she needs to thrive. Private kindergarten classes can ensure every student gets that affection and attention they deserve!

How Much Attention Does Your Child Get at School?

Every child learns in their own unique way. Regardless of what those ways are, our kindergarten teachers can give every student the personal, one-on-one attention they need to get a great head start with their education. This attention helps both the child and the instructor.

Our teachers can better assess on a daily basis if the student is following their own personal learning curve.

  • Learning and comprehension issues can be discovered and dealt with earlier in life.
  • Personal time with their teacher can help foster a child’s sense of self-worth and increase their self-esteem which will greatly benefit them in all aspects of life now and later.
  • Higher self-esteem will give the child more confidence to be creative, to ask questions without fear of ridicule, and understand that it’s OK if they make mistakes.
  • Students, even precious kindergartners, can get more direct help with learning very basic math, spelling, and comprehension skills.

Structure and Boundaries

When you interview the caregivers, ask about their training, qualifications, and amount of experience they have working with toddlers. Find out about their approach and the types of activities they engage in with children. Check if there’s a schedule the caregiver sticks to, so the children know what to anticipate next. Ask what types of safety measures are implemented, and look around to see if the play area is clean and well organized. If your child has any special needs, find out if the caregiver can accommodate those. Ask about the caregiver’s approach to feeding, toilet training, and discipline, and make sure this person’s values match your own.

Down the Road

The benefits of smaller, private kindergarten classes can be seen into upper grade levels. Students that have a positive experience with school very early in life are less likely to be held back a grade, are more likely to stay in school, and are more likely to have the desire to learn.