For years, ADHD has been spreading like wildfire among young children. What few people choose to recognize is that many cases of ADHD are “diagnosed” by teachers and that, overwhelmingly, it is little boys who suffer. While the disorder is real and there are children who actually do suffer from it, we believe that the teachers who suggest it are simply unaware of how children learn and what they need.

Honoring the Child

If you have active young children, the traditional model of education will likely prove more of a challenge than a blessing; a Montessori school can change that. We have built our school and educational program upon research done by the amazing Maria Montessori. This incredible woman dedicated her life to teaching children and realized that the best way to educate them is by tapping into their natural curiosities.

Hands-On Approach

At our school, your child will never be set behind a desk and lectured to. He or she will have the opportunity to explore concepts with their hands, which is the number one way children learn. From a very early age, children began grabbing objects and bringing them to the mouth. This action teaches them what things are edible, introduces them to different textures, and helps them organize their world. While the actions of the hands may change as the child grows, their importance in education does not.

Follow the Child

Aside from allowing children to learn as they do best, our school allows them to lead their own intellectual journeys with our teachers as guides. In a Montessori school, children are allowed to choose activities they will participate in and how long they will participate in those activities. This fosters our students’ love of learning by turning it into an adventure instead of a drudgery.

If you want your children to love learning and to have the opportunity to be children, a Montessori school is the best choice.