When people talk about childcare, they often express dismay at how expensive it can be. The truth is, however, that with a little research, you can almost always find a toddler care center that is right for your children and your budget.

What You Want

Before you begin your search, decide what you’re looking for in childcare. Are you looking for a care center that doubles as a school? Are you looking for somewhere where your children can play and get out some of their energy? The expectations you have for the program will determine how much you will need to budget for your child care needs.

What You Need

Once you have decided on the type of program you want, take some time to research those types of programs in your area. You may find that they fit well within your budget. If you find that some of the programs are a bit too expensive, take the time to find out why. Some of the things to consider are how many days a week are covered in tuition. Are they full or half days? Does tuition cover things like field trips and materials? Once you find out what tuition covers, you can start making decisions about features you do and do not need. Perhaps you only need childcare three days a week as opposed to five. Perhaps you don’t need a school that takes your child on field trips because you already do enough extracurricular activities with your children. Usually, if you simplify the toddler care, you decrease the price.

We know child care can be pricey, but we also know that good programs don’t have to be. If you have questions about how you can fit child care into your life, call a local facility you are interested in and ask for a meeting and a tour. You’ll be surprised at how eager they are to help you give the very best to your children.