Far too many parents have had the experience of leaving their infant in a childcare center and return only to find a crying, distressed baby. We believe this scenario shouldn’t ever happen and, if it does, should indicate to you that your baby needs a safer place to play while away from you.

Despite the fact many childcare centers boast a special “infant area,” few are well-equipped to deal with the special needs of their smallest class members. Here are four reasons you should seek out specialized infant care for your baby.

Immature Immune Systems

While it is true that kids can bounce back from almost anything, infants are different. Immature immune systems make babies especially susceptible to viruses and bacteria that may not bother an older child at all. For this reason, we have made sure that the infants in our school have their very own play areas that are separated from the bigger kids.

Limited Motor Skills

Even though it may seem like your baby moves at the speed of light, the truth is, he or she has got nothing on a bunch of excited three year olds. We know that the limited motor and ambulatory skills of babies make them much more susceptible to injury when they are around older children. By providing a sheltered area in which our youngest classmates can play, we can prevent a whole host of injuries.

High Sleep Needs

We know babies need sleep: and lots of it. Just like adults need quiet to get a quality nap, so do children. For this reason, we make sure that infants have a nice, comfortable space in which they can catch their catnaps in between play sessions.

High Cuddle Needs

While no one can cuddle your baby like you, we guarantee a 4:1 baby/teacher ratio so that your baby is never neglected. You’ll have a much easier time parting with your bundle of joy if you know that when he or she cries, someone will be there to stop the tears with hugs and gentle words.