The toddler years are an important time in the emotional, cognitive, and social development of your child. Keep this in mind when choosing a toddler care facility and look for a stimulating environment for your child to grow in.

Evaluate the Caregivers

The first thing you should be looking at when choosing a daycare facility for your toddler is the experience and approach of the staff. Good caregivers like us should have a lot of practical experience as well as theoretical knowledge about working with this particular age group. Based on their education and experience, the caregivers should have a good understanding of the toddlers’ developmental needs.

Ask the Right Questions

When you interview the caregivers, ask about their training, qualifications, and amount of experience they have working with toddlers. Find out about their approach and the types of activities they engage in with children. Check if there’s a schedule the caregiver sticks to, so the children know what to anticipate next. Ask what types of safety measures are implemented, and look around to see if the play area is clean and well organized. If your child has any special needs, find out if the caregiver can accommodate those. Ask about the caregiver’s approach to feeding, toilet training, and discipline, and make sure this person’s values match your own.

Spend Some Time Observing

In addition to the interview, spend at least a couple of hours observing how the caregivers interact with toddlers. Watch them in different situations, such as caring for a group of children and spending one-on-one time with a toddler. Check how they transition between two activities and how they mediate conflicts.

Other Considerations

Remember that while experience is extremely important, there are several other qualities you should look for in a perfect caregiver. This person should be loving, responsive, and caring. All in all, this should be someone you are very comfortable leaving your toddler with. At Academy on the Hills, we value your child and have the necessary experience to care for them while they learn.