If you are looking for a great Montessori in Aliso Viejo, look no further than Academy on the Hills. Not only is the preschool in a great location, we offer many great benefits for your precious children.

First, Academy on the Hills offers structured curriculum. Through our curriculum, we focus on your child’s creativity and emotional well-being in addition to your child’s intellect.

Second, we offer a team-based curriculum. Our staff members are not only qualified and experienced, but they truly care about the children and are dedicated and enthusiastic to help them learn. It takes a village to raise a child, so we work closely with families in their children’s education.

Third, in order to ensure a great curriculum for your little children, we have built in benchmarks for each year. Each child is unique, and based on their age, we strive to give them a great learning environment and opportunities for growth.

Fourth, in addition to yearly benchmarks, Academy on the Hills also takes assessments every 6 months to ensure your child is on the right track. This helps to ensure your child is on track for accomplishing goals and that they are learning at an appropriate speed.

Fifth, since every child is unique and has their own style of learning, age-appropriate assessment and goals are implemented. Our staff is great at observing the children and tailoring lesson plans accordingly. Based on your child’s age, they will be exposed to different toys, books, and other learning tools in an effort to promote hands-on learning.

Sixth, we believe that children need to be involved with their learning, so in an effort to create excitement for them, we will sit down and make goals with each child for optimum improvement. We want children to feel confident not only intellectually, but emotionally and socially as well.

Academy on the Hills is a great option for your child’s early education, and you can know they will be taken care of. Whether you are interested in our Montessori in Aliso Viejo, or one of our other locations, rest assured you are getting a great return on investment no matter what age your child is. We offer classes for infants all the way through kindergarten age.