Your children are one of the most important things in your life, so it’s important to give them the best educational opportunities possible. This begins long before they apply to college. Before a child even starts first grade, he or she will go to kindergarten to help build a foundation of knowledge that they will build on as they grow older. We believe a good kindergarten program also helps a child get used to a structured school environment and build social skills. Not all kindergarten programs are the same, so it’s important to find a program that fits with your vision and your child. Here are four reasons why choosing a quality kindergarten is important:

1. Importance of a Teacher

You don’t want just anyone teaching your child. Find a kindergarten with a quality teacher who will love, teach, and engage your child.

2. Structure and Boundaries

Children thrive within an appropriately structured schedule and with behavioral boundaries. Some kindergartens are more of a free-for-all. A structured kindergarten will help your child prepare for school by getting them used to a schedule, sitting for periods of time, listening to a teacher, and interacting with classmates.

3. Curriculum

Kindergarten shouldn’t just be day care. A good kindergarten program will be actively teaching your child about numbers, letters, shapes, colors, art, science, and more.

4. Environment

When looking for a kindergarten program, check out the facilities. Your child will learn best in a clean, well-maintained building. Look around the room at the resources available and projects children are working on to see what sort of environment exists. It’s important to find a kindergarten that fosters creativity and exploration.