It can be difficult seeing your baby grow up. When they are between 3 and 5 years old, they are old enough to start preschool. Sometimes children on the young end of this age range are not yet ready to leave their parents. Other times, it’s the parents that aren’t quite ready to send their kids off! However, the benefits of preschool have been measured by childhood development specialists and sociologists the world over. Preschool-aged children are able to absorb unprecedented amounts of information and at this age can begin to master skills that will stick with them for the rest of their lives. We’ve seen kids blossom and begin their intellectual journeys in preschool with careful instruction and individual attention. Time away from parents can be stimulating and activate their self-confidence. Here is a list of the top 3 ways that preschool opens the gates of knowledge for toddlers who are just beginning on the exciting road to childhood discovery.

Self-Awareness and Confidence

A preschool in Mission Viejo, CA, or the city where you live, allows children to interact with other kids and begin to discover themselves away from their parents. While the bond between toddlers and their parents is always strong, when kids are nurtured in a school setting they begin to realize that they can do things for themselves and they have their own unique personality. Preschool nurtures self-confidence by giving children tasks to master at their own pace. School rewards hard work and dedication, which will give kids a positive experience of working to overcome hurdles and learning skills that can make it easier the next time around. Introducing these concepts to toddlers is critical for their development and mental growth.

Social Behavior and Cooperation

Many children don’t have the chance to spend significant amounts of time around other kids unless they have siblings. The best preschool curricula encourage cooperation and group learning. This helps kids communicate with each other and the adult teacher. Asking for help and sharing can invite children to learn positive ways for interacting with others. Conflict can arise in group learning, but when kids figure out how to deal with these scenarios they also mature. The atmosphere of learning in preschool is as important as the material.

Language and Intellectual Development

Children in our preschool learn basics that they will build on throughout their years of education. Sounds, words, colors, shapes, and numbers are only some of the topics that preschool begins to tackle, preparing kids for kindergarten and eventually reading. Giving your child this first step is invaluable!